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Lost Pet?

Drop Off Stray

Surrender Pet


Everybody needs a little love…

$75 Dogs & Puppies which covers vaccines, rabies, heartworm test and preventative, dewormer, flea treatment, microchip and spay or neuter.

$20 Cats & Kittens which covers vaccines, flea treatment, dewormer, microchip, and spay or neuter.

Lost Pet?

Primary Step: Register lost and found pets by clicking here -> Pickens Animal Shelter Lost Pet Registry. Although the shelter staff strives to reunite every lost pet with their owners, there are simply too many each day. You must come to the shelter in person to check for your pet.

Additionally, you can register your lost and found pets with LOST LOVE.

Stray Animal?

Fill Out & Email this Form:

You will then need to schedule an appointment through our calendar.

Need to Surrender a Pet?

Pickens County Animal Shelter requires intake appointments to allow our staff to collect medical history and behavioral data about each incoming pet. **Once surrendered no further information will be given to you about this animal.

Please complete all the steps below:

  1. Print & fill out the animal surrender form. You will bring this with you to our facility.
  2. Fill out & submit the short Owner Surrender Online Questionnaire below (click on Dog or Cat).
  3. Go to the appointment booking calendar and schedule an appointment. You must bring any veterinary information that you may have for your pet along with the surrender form (step 1) to your appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Microchip Your Pet – Drop Off Stray – Surrender Pet

You are required to have a Pickens County address on your driver’s license when surrendering a pet or dropping off a stray animal.

Step 1: Select an appointment on our calendar. In the notes please tell us what type of animal and what service: microchip, drop off stray, or surrender a pet.

Step 2: If you are dropping off a stray or surrendering a pet, make sure you already have filled out the appropriate questionnaire above.

Volunteer at the Pickens County Animal Shelter

We can always use a helping hand and a smiling face…

  • Walk a Dog
  • Read a Book to a Cat
  • Brush a Pup
  • Teach Social & Play Skills to a Cat or Dog
  • Handle & Tame Semi-Feral Kittens
  • Dog Bathing/Grooming (must be experienced)
  • Transport Assistance (locally and occasionally to the Atlanta area)
  • Fundraising
  • Temporary Foster Care for Puppies, Kittens, Dogs, & Cats. The Foster Care application can be filled out and brought to the shelter.


Our Wish List

We quickly use up supplies. We appreciate your donations as we have a constant need for the following items:

Dog Food – Wet & Dry
Cat Food – Wet & Dry
Treats – Dogs & Cats
Leashes & Collars
Tennis Balls
Dog Houses
Metal Water Pails

Puppy Pads
Paper Towels
Dawn Dish Liquid
Clorox Wipes

Items can be dropped off at our location, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm. We are closed on Saturday & Sunday.

3563 Camp Road
Jasper, Georgia 30143


3563 Camp Road
Jasper, Georgia 30143
phone: 706-253-8983
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday & Sunday closed